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Duo exhibition Lorenzo MARZANO "Sublimazione" and Karine GIBBONS "Plastique morte"

A week-long exhibition during which Lorenzo's photographs and Karine GIBBONS' paintings adorned the lower hall of Sormani.

In a cosy atmosphere, the two artists' worlds coexisted and made the space singularly attractive. On the one hand, Lorenzo's photographs, his portraits of men and women in a sometimes mystical, sometimes more charming atmosphere, and on the other hand, Karine's oils on canvas, more offbeat, but always with a strong message about the excessive use of plastic in our society.

A successful opening thanks to the presence and enthusiasm of the artists, the curiosity and attention of the visitors (sometimes seduced, sometimes questioning), the intimacy of the place, the welcome and immense help of the Sormani team.

And let's not forget to add the good wine and the atmosphere made by all these people absolutely delicious.

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