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Exhibition "External Beauty VS Internal Beauty"

An exhibition in duo with Anaëlle Forte and Noosh who took possession of the lower space of the restaurant. An explosive mix made possible by the association of Anaëlle's photographs, female bodies sublimated by a scenography, poses and light effects accentuating the curves but also the mystery, and the creations of Noosh (mostly original editions) who works to make the skeletons of faces and bodies appear on old photos as well as on current magazine covers to denounce the stereotyped images praising the cult of beauty that we are all fed, reminding us that we are all made of the same elements and that we will all end up emaciated of our flesh

A privileged and intimate setting that allowed the artists and the public to exchange without frills...

The exhibition (which is open during the opening hours of the restaurant Sormani at 4 rue du Général de Lanrezac in Paris in the 17th arrondissement) was initially scheduled to run until March 23, 2023 and has been extended until the beginning of April, an opportunity to come and have a look if you missed the opening!

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